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What is print on demand and what are the real pros and cons?

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What is print on demand and what are the real pros and cons?

We’ve seen a lot of people who are just starting out in the ecommerce world or are thinking about it, asking questions like: “Ok, but what is this print on demand you’re talking about and why should I do it?”; “For what reason is it better than simply printing my own stuff and sending it out physically?”

If you stay until the end of this article you’ll learn: how the print on demand business works and why it’s great for starting an online business.

We'll take a gander at the main advantages and disadvantages of print-on-demand to help you exploit the advantages this plan of action has and above all, how to maintain a strategic distance from some possible drawbacks!

Let’s weigh out the pros and cons this print on demand business model has to offer.

Pros of Print on Demand

One - You don’t need to print anything in bulk.

In Print on demand, the accentuation is on the "on demand" part which the printer will just print the item whenever it's arranged.This implies you don't need to bet with your cash, you will not wind up with an immense supply of shirts with a plan that doesn't sell just as you'd trusted.

Two - You don’t need to buy equipment.

Your POD accomplice deals with the specialized side of the printing interaction – you don't have to purchase any costly printing machines, and you don't have to figure out how to print an item by the same token.

Three - You can save time on the technical side of running a business.

Since your POD accomplice deals with the entire specialized side of your business, including satisfying and delivering out your orders, you can focus more on the great side. Put additional time in making your plans and promoting your store!

Four - You can experiment with designs easily.

Unit additionally allows you to face more challenges with the plans you offer, you can undoubtedly add new plans to your store and test if your clients love them or not. Since items are printed on demand, you're not making a colossal interest in something that probably won't sell eventually. On the off chance that a plan isn't just about as mainstream as you would like, you can without much of a stretch eliminate it from your store.

Five - You can experiment with different products.

You can test with designs, yet additionally with items. More and more print on demand services are expanding beyond the scope of just ‘printing’.for example, with Kingify, you can sell embroidery products like hats and apparel, engraved jewelry, cut and sew products like leggings, dresses, athletic wear, backpacks, fanny packs that are individually printed and sewn with your designs, and more. Print on demand isn't about just selling realistic tees any longer, presently you can make your own clothing lines for an assortment of specialty crowds.

For example, you can create a line with athletic shirts, shorts, yoga leggings, and sports bras for fitness lovers. Or a beach line with custom print swimsuits, towels, and beach bags. Or take advantage of the growing demand for kids products with custom print baby apparel like bodysuits, leggings, or baby bibs.

Six - It’s easy to customize your designs.

You can offer more customization alternatives for your clients – for instance, your clients can join something remarkable of theirs, similar to their name. Print on demand services are responding to the ever growing need of personalization in people’s shopping experiences.

For example, we’ve created a product personalization tool for some of our integrations This means you can sell products you customers can directly personalize right on your store, without you having to manually edit them each time. 

Seven - It’s easy to establish your brand.

Something typical for print on demand benefits is that they're white names. This implies you can tweak your items and bundling with your marking, so when your clients get their orders, there's no indication of it coming from an outsider's help.

For example, with Kingify, you have a range of different branding options, you can create inside or outside labels on your apparel with your logo, customize your packing slips, or add pack ins like stickers or thank you notes to give your packages that special, personal touch.

Eight - Take advantage of services and resources.

Working with a POD service is a partnership. Your success as a seller is also a success for them. Your print-on-demand accomplice can help you not just with the specialized side of satisfying your orders, yet it can likewise be a significant center point of assets to help you fire up or develop your business. From free item mockup pictures you can use on your store as item photographs, to proficient photography, plan, or even store set-up administrations - print on demand organizations are developing their contribution to make your excursion to progress simpler.

Cons to the Print on demand model

One - You lose control over the fulfillment process and quality of the products.

Just like with any drop shipping service, Print On Demand implies that you don't see every item yourself, so you need to confide in the printer to tackle their work appropriately. This is the reason it's critical to test your items before you begin offering to perceive what they look like. With Kingify, it’s quite easy to do that - you have the option to order product samples that come at a discount.It's conceivable that you or your client may get a harmed thing. It very well may be a maker's mistake, fulfillment blunder, or harmed during delivery.

There's no rejecting that these things occur for any item manufacturing business. As you definitely know, we have quality control that the satisfied items go through. However, as with everything, we might accidentally let through a defective item.In the event that your client gets a harmed or flawed thing on account of our misstep, we assume full liability and cover the blunder to our detriment.

Two - You depend on your printing partner for products and their availability.

POD companies work with various providers to source items or item materials, for instance, texture. This implies there are a great deal of moving parts, and at times items may leave stock or become inaccessible. If you’re using Kingify, you can check availability of all our products on our products & pricing page.

You can choose the product you want to check, and here under the ‘availability’ tab you can see which size and color variants are stocked, and in which of our fulfillment centers. So this way you can see which products are always available and which we stock on demand.

Three - Order fulfillment takes longer.

Since each item is imprinted on request, it takes more time to fulfill orders than it would on the off chance that you previously had accessible stock. Our normal request fulfillment time is 3 days, and transportation times go what's more. As a storekeeper, you need to deal with your clients' assumptions, let them realize that every item is imprinted on request and that this takes somewhat more than conveying an all around made item.

We have a video on how our fulfillment times work and what happens to your order until it’s shipped out. So you can check that out after this video, there will be a link in the description below.

Four - Returns management may require more attention.

Since you're working with an outsider assistance, there's a whole other world to consider with regards to managing circumstances where your clients should return an item. So ensure you set up a merchandise exchange that goes inseparably with your Print On Demand accomplice's approach.

There are commonly two types of returns - returns by the shipping carrier and returns by customers. In the first case, when your package gets returned to us by a carrier, it’s usually an error referred to as ‘wrong address’. It happens if you or your end customer provide an address that is considered insufficient by the carrier.

So ask your customers to be extra careful with zip codes and apartment numbers to avoid a delay in your order reaching your customer. The other reason when the end customer wants to return their ordered items, most commonly occurs because they’ve ordered the wrong size. To avoid this kind of situation, we highly suggest you add a size guide to your products.

Print on demand is incredible for beginning an online business due to the ease and negligible danger factors. It saves you time, since you don't need to deal with creation or transportation. The POD business is continually filling in the assortment of items you can redo and sell, and it's progressing in manners that make it simpler for you to maintain a business. Be that as it may, there are a few drawbacks, such as confiding in an outsider to convey your items in the best quality and being subject to the item determination they offer.

With print on demand, you additionally need to recollect that since your orders are taken care of on request, you need to factor in the fulfillment time when offering evaluations to your clients. An ever increasing number of individuals are becoming acclimated to shopping on the web, so it bodes well that online business is one of the biggest developing ventures. What's more, firing up with print on request is an extraordinary method to hop on transport with the universe of online business.


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