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Ways to Effectively Work With a Designer to Customize Shirts

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Ways to Effectively Work With a Designer to Customize Shirts

Customizing shirts is not an easy task. Even when you hire designers to work for you, you still can get bad designs. The reason may not come from your designer’s ability but miscommunication between you and them. 

Therefore, we’ve pulled together our best tips for you to effectively work with your designers and get amazing clothes designs. Let’s hop in!

Create Your Design Brief When You Customize Shirts

The very first thing you need to do before you start to customize shirts is: brief your ideas to your designers. You may think that your designers know all that to do to create amazing designs and let them do whatever they want. But, this is the first mistake you have made. The reason is simple: your designers’ ideas and expected impressions do not match yours. So, after you receive the final design, you may find yourself disappointed and you need to work with your designers from the beginning. It really wastes the time and effort of both you and your designer. 

So, let’s make everything clear from the very first step. You need to brief what you expect about an amazing design and make sure your designers get your point well. 

The more effort you put into your design process from the beginning, the easier and faster the rest of the process will go.

Establish Your Design Requirements to Customize Shirts

After having general ideas for your clothes, you need to point out some requirements and elements that you want your designers to include in their work. This may be a logo, a date of an event, specific imagery, or catchphrases. Just list everything you want to include and discuss with your designers to see what you should and shouldn’t add to your designs. 

When you work with a design team from Kingify, we always ask you about your style – what type of impression you want your t-shirt design to have. We believe that this is a foundational part of understanding what you want in your design. So, just reveal some words such as “playful, flowery, rugged or art deco, etc” so that we can identify the styles you are looking for in your design.

Collect Image Files When You Customize Shirts

If you already have specific images to add to your designs, you will need to send them to your designers. But in this case, you need to make sure that your images are of high quality. This is important for you to achieve accuracy and print well. 

If you don’t have specific images but the idea draws, you need to draw them clearly. Then, your designers can get your point and customize clothes in the way you expect.

Review After Your Designer Customizes Shirts

After your designer creates their first round of designs, they will send them to you for review. When these files arrive, we recommend you set aside time to review them. If the final design needs to be approved by any other parties, you also should bring them into the loop to get all the comments. 

While you’re reviewing the designs, you should note down anything which doesn’t match your expectation or aesthetic tastes. This will help your designers understand what they need to do next.

Finalize Your Design

After your designers receive your comments, they will start to make alterations and send the revised versions back. This process will repeat itself until you are satisfied with the design. Therefore, to make this step simple, make sure that you have done well with the previous steps and that your designers understand your points and what they need to do. 

So, we have listed steps for you to work with your designers to customize Shirts. We hope that they are useful to you and help you to effectively work with designers for the best designs.


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