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Use DTG Printing For Your Promotional Merchandise Business

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Use DTG Printing For Your Promotional Merchandise Business

Adding DTG printing to your online business is a great way to increase sales and grow profits whether for someone who is a screen printer already, an embroidery shop, or a distributor looking to sell highly profitable products directly to its customers.

This method can help you create high-quality custom outfits easily and quickly. Using digital inkjet printing technology, there are almost no limitations in color, sharpness, resolution, and detailed image quality expression for DTG printing.

And most importantly, using this method for apparel is a smart way to increase sales and grow your business. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should add DTG printing to your online store:

Expand Your Product Offerings With DTG Printing

You can significantly diversify and expand products using DTG printing technology for your store. Although the most popular and profitable product as commonly known is T-shirts, DTG can do more.

With this method, you can customize a wide range of different products. The fabric used should be at least 50% cotton and will work best with DTG printing, which opens up a world of virtually unlimited possibilities. In addition to t-shirts, you can easily customize sweatshirts, tote bags, blankets, aprons, and even shoes and hats. Flexible printable DTG printing doesn't stop at the garment limit. With the use of an inkjet-receptive coating, you can also print things like flat pieces of wood or glass with the DTG printer, forming interior items like custom coasters or unique decorative tiles.

Best of all, you can avoid the risk of stockpiling inventory with Direct-to-Garment. This method allows you to wait until you have the order in hand before printing on demand and buying blank garments. This helps you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about current customers' needs and markets, without wasting much storage space in stock, and to make smarter decisions when importing goods in bulk.

The Advantage of Custom Clothes

Custom apparel consistently proves itself to be one of the easiest to sell out of a wide variety of promotional pieces for customers to choose from. There are interesting products like mugs or pens, but don't forget the t-shirt is the item that turns each of your customers into a mobile billboard. In fact, t-shirts are not usually thrown straight into the trash like any other item. While the pen or key chain is often forgotten or left somewhere, even if your client is not wearing a t-shirt, they will keep it for someone who wants it. That also means more people will be exposed to your brand - and the potential for them to return to your store will be higher!

Take Advantage of Current Trends and Attention-Grabbing Products

Extremely eye-catching and remarkable promotional products can be created by DTG printing technology. You can choose to directly print your image with your logo or other designs on the garment. Depending on your creativity, you can customize products endlessly.

Combining this method with your existing decorative methods will give your business a significant advantage. Think about brightly colorful designs on a garment, and then adding the beauty and texture of the embroidery on top of it will make a big impact. Due to their novelty and significantly higher perceived value, such products will be the ideal addition to your store. What about the cost? The additional price of DTG printing to create multimedia work is smaller than the price you would earn from that product.

Multimedia apparel is still very new and ready to explode into a popular trend in the next few years. Adopting this multimedia trend can help sellers gain an edge in the current competition just by bringing their products to market.

Increase Revenue By Leveraging Low-Volume DTG Printing

One of the greatest aspects of DTG printing compared to other printing technologies is its cost-effectiveness with small orders. This makes it a great addition to an existing screen-printing business. Although for large orders and using few colors, screen printing is more profitable. However, the relevant setup becomes expensive if you only want to print a few shirts or individually customized shirts with colorful images and fine detail.

The production cost for this method whether you print only one t-shirt or hundreds of shirts will remain the same price. A high-quality image file and blank garments are all you need.

If you are a screen printer and don't want to take small orders because the quantity of products is too low to be profitable for you, DTG printing is a simple solution to make a profit from there. An excellent way to complement the way your existing screen printing business operates.

Drive Sales with Custom DTG-Printed Samples

Another advantage of DTG printing is that it can help to expand the screen-printing business as you can create personalized garment patterns for potential clients. For example, create a t-shirt design that includes the client's name and a prominent space to add your logo to. Such designs can be printed according to the requirements of the business owner and then send or hand-deliver the custom sample. That level of marketing and personalized products will make your business memorable and more likely to win a prospect's business.

DTG Printing Is Easy, But High-Impact

First of all, if you want to use white ink for your design, make sure your clothes are pre-treated so colors can be vibrant and print last. Then edit and process your image file complete for printing. Load and print your garment and finish it by using a heat press or tunnel dryer to fix or cure the ink into the fabric. No prior knowledge or expertise is required for this method, even beginners can produce quality and professional retail apparel.

The DTG printing method is very accessible, so it is a great way to make a good profit from promotional apparel offerings. If you are a distributor, you can easily create high-quality printed apparel to compete with market competitors with DTG printing technology. DTG printing helps you reduce costs and gain more flexibility in pricing within your own garment manufacturing business. Offer custom garments at an aggressively low price point or simply enjoy an increased profit margin thanks to your in-house DTG printer.

Get Started Making Profit with DTG Printing

DTG printing is a smart investment when it comes to growing your business whether you are just starting in the promotional products industry or you are already a seasoned person.

Kingify provides everything you need to start making money with DTG printing today. Contact us:


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