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Top T-Shirt Color Combinations For Better Tshirt Design

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Top T-Shirt Color Combinations For Better Tshirt Design

After reading this post, you will know great color combinations in Tshirt design. If you are struggling with color combinations and do not know what to choose for your clothes, this article is absolutely for you. 

We know that many of you may have difficulty picking and combining colors when designing clothes. Therefore, we have listed 12 color combinations that always work in this post to help you. So, let’s explore what they are right now!  

1. Combine Red & White in Tshirt Design

This color combination is the favorite one when people want to add pop feelings to the design. In this combination, there’s a strong contrast between the ink color and the t-shirt’s color so delicate lines work best. Any bright color ink printed on white apparel, or vice versa will always look sharp and impressive.

2. Designing Clothes with Green & Gray

It may sound strange, right? But actually, they can match, depending on their shades. For example, pale grey would look okay with dark green, or vice versa.

But keep in mind that if the shades of both colors are either too light or too dark, your clothes won’t look good. It means that you need to make sure there is enough contrast between these 2 colors when designing clothes. Our favorite green color combination is Kelly Green with light or dark grey.

3. Make a Combination of Blue and White in Tshirt Design

Blue is a favorite color due to the calming and neutral feeling that it brings. Blue can combine with many colors including white. This combination works well whether you’re designing clothes with a water theme, or just looking for a calming color palette.

4. Designing Clothes with Maroon & White

These two colors match each other so well as there is a high contrast between them. It is best when your design has a delicate and thin line, just like when you combine red and white colors, to create pop vibes. 

5. Combining Blue & Grey in Tshirt Design

If you want to make a shirt with a cool tone, I would suggest you combine blues and greys when designing clothes. Actually, there are so many colors in the realm of blues and greys, and we have so many types of blue and grey shirt colors to choose from, your possibilities are definitely endless for this color combination.

6. Adding Red, White & Blue to Tshirt Design

These 3 colors seem unmatching if we add them into our design. But actually, they really work together. The primary colors of red and blue can well balance out with the neutrality of the white color. But when designing clothes, you need to pay attention to how much red, blue, and white you should add to create good designs. 

7. Designing Clothes with Dark Blue & Light Blue

These cool tones, when combined, can create super great designs together. However, because they come from the same tone, keep in mind to give them enough contrast so that the entire design will be visible on the shirt. You can try royal blue ink on an Ice Blue tee, light blue ink, or a Midnight Navy tee.

8. Using Rainbow Colors in Tshirt Design

There is nothing more attractive than mixing 7 colors of the rainbow. Your clothes will definitely stand out and brighten up. If 7 colors are too much, you can also design clothes with around 4-6 colors only. Let your imagination and creativity run wild when designing clothes. 

9. Mixing Neutral Colors in Tshirt Design

The combination of neutral colors works best when your designs feature images of nature. It is recommended to use a palate of earth tones on the message and tone of the shirt. For example, Light Olive and Stone Grey can serve as fantastic backdrops for your neutral design.

10. Designing Clothes with Bright Colors

Using neon inks and bright shirt colors can be perfect if you want your shirts to bring energy and positive vibes. You can combine Tahiti Blue and Neon Green or True Royal and Red for designing clothes with super brightness!

As you can see, we have so many ways to combine colors when designing clothes. And no matter what colors we mix, keep in mind to make sure the contrast between the color of the apparel and the design is printed on the shirt. Try these combinations in your design and share with us your feedback!


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