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Top 5 Best Companies Which Provide Printed Shirts

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Top 5 Best Companies Which Provide Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are more and more sought to market all kinds of products and services. Today, these garments are seen by marketers as a powerful marketing tool. You can enhance the reach of a brand among the target audience with this. Getting people to want to wear these outfits is all you need to do. This means they will become your walking billboards of business.

Promotion using printed shirts is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. This is because your design and printing costs are competitive and affordable. From the perspective of the viewer will also see the price is lower. In a short amount of time, you can quickly get thousands of people to see your ad or slogans.

As a low-cost but effective marketing solution, more and more businesses are using this business promotion vehicle. According to an estimate, the worldwide printed shirt market is expected to reach $3.1 billion in 2025 from $1.16 billion in 2016.

As far as printing is concerned, custom T-shirt printing is a vast industry. There are thousands of large and small companies in this. By using a t-shirt maker, they provide a variety of printing solutions and create branded t-shirts. But for the custom t-shirt printing network alone, a quick Google search returns over 5 million results. How can you find the right t-shirt printing company for your custom garment project?


Uberprints is a good t-shirt printer if you're looking to design your own printed shirts. Your order is usually shipped seven days after you place it, however, some orders may take twice that time. Alternatively, you can do your design at Uberprints if you want to print a matching t-shirt for you and your dog. Their website mainly revolves around creating your own shirt designs. If you need help with printed shirt design, you may want to try switching to another provider. Only for orders over $100 is free shipping at Uberprints available.

Pros of Uberprints

  • Good turnaround - after placing your order, your items will arrive at your door in approximately 8 business days
  • Great quality
  • The online catalog has a wide range of sizes, including pet clothes
  • Easy online designer
  • Easy online quotes

Cons of Uberprints

  • For orders under $100, standard shipping will be $5.99 plus $0.50 per item.
  • You must use online design
  • Price is lower than Custom Ink but still slightly higher than Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow Wear

Broken Arrow Wear is the right choice if you need printed shirts printing in about six business days. Their website gives you access to over 13,000 pieces of clipart and hundreds of design ideas. Broken Arrow Wear is fast and easy to use, you're guaranteed great quality and free shipping. In addition to screen printing, they also provide direct-to-garment printing, all-over printing, rhinestones, and sublimation. Broken Arrow Wear customer support service is also excellent.

Pros of Broken Arrow Wear

  • Fast turnaround - delivery in 6 working days from the time of order
  • Free delivery
  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Huge online catalog
  • Easy online design
  • Design support by fashion experts

Cons of Broken Arrow Wear

  • Weekend and late-night orders are through the website only


In addition to printed shirts, Discount Mugs offers mugs, pens, toys, and other typical promotional products.

Their online pricing grid makes it easy to see their scaled quantity pricing and the cost difference between each printing method. They have an easy quote system and a simple ordering process.

Their D-lab design software allows you to include your uploaded designs in most Discount Mugs product selections. Your design needs to be ready to go as Discount Mugs offers almost no custom design service of any kind. If you need help with your prints, you'll need to choose another printer or outsource a graphic designer.

Pros of Discount Mugs

  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Extensive online catalog, especially if you want things like mugs and pens
  • Easy online pricing grid

Cons of Discount Mugs

  • Slower turnaround - it will take at least 2 weeks for delivery from the time you place your order
  • Free shipping only for orders over $75

Custom Ink

The largest online retailer of custom printed shirts in the nation is undoubtedly Custom Ink. It may be because of their large-scale advertising and marketing campaigns, their prices tend to be higher than other t-shirt printers.

Custom Ink has pioneered what they call “the T-shirt design lab” and you have access to a ton of clipart designs to choose from. They also have friendly staff and offer live chat and long business hours.

If you are a DIY person, they will be a good fit as you will do all the work to design your printed shirts. But if you need a little personal support, this may not be the right option for you. They offer the same all-inclusive pricing as Broken Arrow.

Pros of Custom Ink

  • Free shipping
  • Great quality
  • Large online catalog
  • Easy online design
  • Access and order on the website 24/7
  • Open late night and weekend

Cons of Custom Ink

  • The price is a bit higher than Broken Arrow
  • Slower turnaround - it takes 2 weeks to ship from the time you place your order
  • Must use online designer

Café exPress

Café express really likes you to just use the website and never call them. For some people, this may be pros rather than cons. However, Café express dominates the print-on-demand market and excels at fulfilling small orders. This is a service worth trying if you want to have your printed shirts catalog online and then have customers buy them with a profit going back to you. As a customer, you can design your printed shirts or choose pre-designed shirts from the freelance creative artists from the catalog.

Café Express is a great place to try if you don't have the creative abilities available but want to find great holiday-printed shirts. You will be supporting a freelance artist by using their design on Café express as they will receive a small royalty from it. If you want to order printed shirts in bulk, look elsewhere because you will definitely pay a lot of money for those orders.

Pros of Café Press

  • Great quality
  • Nice size online catalog
  • Fits small orders (one or two t-shirts)
  • A selection of beautiful pre-designed t-shirts
  • Fast turnaround - delivery in about 6 days after ordering

Cons of Café Press

  • Free shipping does not apply
  • To be able to get a lot of help, you must have everything in the shopping cart.

Refer to the article above for my ranking of the top 5 printing companies in the US. Each garment company has its advantages and disadvantages and no companies are the same. Learn their characteristics and you'll find the best Printed shirts for you.


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