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Some inspirational idea themes to design a shirt 2022

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Some inspirational idea themes to design a shirt 2022

Below is a list of popular T-shirt ideas which can inspire you to design a shirt for your own POD business. One of the key factors for a successful POD business lies in creative products. That means you need to have good ideas to appeal to customers, keep them staying in your custom store and convince them to buy your products. 

Let’s jump into it right away!

Design a shirt with Pets

Design a shirt with PetsDesign a shirt with Pets

Pets have been friends or even family members for a really long time. So, it is not surprising at all when people love to buy and wear T-shirts with pet images or texts.  

For cool shirt designs, you can design T shirt with pictures of dogs, cats, or birds. These are common sub-niches markets and prove good revenue themselves. Or, you can also go for a market for uncommon pets or big animals, such as horses, wolves, hedgehogs and even lizards.

You can easily find inspirations to design T shirt on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Besides, Kingify provides cool pet T-shirt templates and ideas available to choose from, which makes your T-shirt design easier than ever!

Use Jokes to design a shirt

 Use Jokes to design a shirt

Statement shirts and quotes on T-shirts are great conversation-starters. A big number of people want to wear shirts with jokes to show their personalities and humor. Humor-related POD products could have funny images,nerdy jokes, punchy one-liners or even memes.

One thing to remember about is that jokes keep changing everyday. So, you need to constantly update trending jokes, memes to design T shirt, which makes your POD stand out from the crowd. 

Design a shirt with Sports, Lifestyle, and Hobbies theme

One important reason for the rise of the POD industry is that POD products can help to show off people’s hobbies, sports or lifestyle. 

Here are some best-selling T-shirt niches to consider for your T-shirt business:

Sports Niche Ideas

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Cycling

Design a shirt with Sports, Lifestyle, and Hobbies theme

Hobby Niches

  • Crocheting
  • Gamers
  • Fishing
  • Bookworms
  • Gardening
  • Anime/Manga
  • Cars

Lifestyle Niches

  • Digital nomads
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Vegetarians
  • Work-at-home moms (WAHM)
  • Travelers
  • Yoga

Add Family and Relationships things to design a shirt

Add Family and Relationships things to design T shirt

Many people may find it is harder to express their feelings to their family by sayings than other indirect methods such as texting, writing letters or simply wearing T-shirts with love texts. 

So, it is not difficult to see people wearing shirts having love sentences or quotes on to express their emotions. You can find custom-printed items for single dads, sibling love, newlyweds, newly-engaged women (“bride-to-be”), grandparents, friends and even co-workers. 

Ideas for such design can be found around you: in your family, your neighborhood, your friends. Just pay attention to every person and their relationships around you and you can easily find inspiration to design T shirt. 

Besides, you can find ideas about family and relations on social networks and design forums. Start to join these communities and let them inspire you right now!

Use Location and Travel images or texts when you design T shirt

 Use Location and Travel images or texts when you design T shirt

Almost any tourist destination images offer cool hoodie designs, cool shirt designs, and many collectibles designed based on their local attractions.

Travel T-shirt quotes, architecture, local delicacies, and maps are also preferable in travel-related print on demand products. 

So, when you design T shirt, don’t forget to add these images or texts to make them appealing.

Design a shirt based on Seasons and Festivals

 Design T shirt based on Seasons and Festivals

Last but definitely not least, seasons and festivals are great ideas to design T shirt. These periods see a large number of seasonal and festival T shirts sold, so there is no reason for not including related ideas into your products. 

Some seasons and festivals include Thanksgiving, graduation, Valentine's, Halloween, and other holidays. Religious holidays like Hanukkah or lesser-known holidays like National Pasta Day  can also have their place in the market if only you time your promotions well.

Above is a list of some inspirational ideas that you can utilise to design a shirt for your own POD business. Think about it and let your creativity blow your customers’ minds!


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