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Owning a DTG Printing Printer? Worthy or not? Why?

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Owning a DTG Printing Printer? Worthy or not? Why?

On the off chance that you are into the custom attire business, you presumably have caught wind of Direct-To-Garment printing (DTG Printing). You may have seen YouTube videos advancing its high-net revenue as though it is a magical device that prints money. Indeed, most custom t-shirt clothing business people don't consider is the 'hidden' costs that accompany a DTG Printing machine.

How about we get down to the genuine expense of owning a DTG Printing printer.

The Initial Investment

The forthright expense while going DTG Printing can be overwhelming for a fledgling business as the equipment required is costly. The actual printer will cost you anywhere between $16,000 to $250,000, contingent upon your business model. For this present article's purpose, let us utilize the Epson F2100 for instance, so it will cost $17,995 retail. 

On top of that, you likewise need to buy: 

- A Pre-Treatment Machine (around $3,500) 

- A Heat Press (about $1,500) 

- A PC (beginning cost from $1,200) 

- The RIP software (around $950) 

Altogether you are taking a gander at a total of at least $25,145 in forthright expense, excluding spaces buying, lease payment, charges, labor expenses, and ink costs. This leads us to our next point.

Inks & Maintenance Costs

(DTG Printing)

DTG Printing ink is costly, as in $220 for 20 oz costly (in light of Epson F2100 ink cost). While the CYMK inks require a long time to refill, the white ink runs out a lot speedier, thusly it should be refilled sooner than you may anticipate. 

However, before you purchase bulks of white ink, you need to realize that white ink must be shaken consistently so the ink stays emulsified. If you pull the emulsified chunks through your print heads, you will obstruct the print head and will cost you many dollars to supplant them on the off chance that they are damaged. It will make your shirts be imprinted in streaks.

(DTG Printing)

What most DTG Printing purchasers thought they had become tied up with was a "plug and play" machine with no longing to do any type of upkeep. That couldn't possibly be farther from the truth. 

Leaving your machine unattended for several days is a costly mistake. You need to run ordinary cleaning cycles, clean your print heads each day, ensure your capping station is wet for the time being, perfect the wiper blade, etc. Every one of these little support undertakings will keep you from paying up to hundreds, maybe a large number of dollars in supplanting parts.

Making Enough Money

To get the picture of the amount you can make, you need to compute your Returns on Investment (ROI) as indicated by your business model. 

(DTG Printing)

We should make a few calculations:

How much you think you can make with DTG Printing

Cost per shirt

Ink + Shirt + Pre-treat = $5.50

Retail price = $15

Profit per shirt = $9.50

Given that 5 min = 1 custom tee

Profit in 60 mins = $114

So if you work 8 hours a day, your profit per day should be: 96 SHIRTS AT $912

$912 should be the clean profit made, right?

NOPE, you need to pay for LABOR

Hypothetically, if you can continually create 96 T-shirts day by day and charge retail costs for your shirts, you just need 27.5 days to accomplish ROI. Realistically, DTG Printing customers order between 10 to 50 for each. 

For DTG Printing, the quantity of colors doesn't influence the value, which makes it incredible for printing complex artwork with numerous colors. In screen printing, a screen setup cost is included and can be very expensive with more colors. Henceforth for little orders, screen printing isn't as beneficial as DTG Printing, which doesn't need any setup costs, accomplishes ROI quicker when charging retail, and takes a shorter amount of time to print. 

With screen printing, the huge order volume can easily cover setup expense and ink costs, which are practically fixed. The production time is additionally a lot quicker; manual screen printers can produce up to 500 shirts each 8-hour shift while automatic screen printers can create up to 5,000 shirts in a similar measure of time. 

For DTG Printing, the production speed is fixed and prints moderately slower than screen printing, subsequently you are restricted to a specific measure of shirts for each 8-hour shift. For this situation, it requires as long as 5 days to finish the 500-shirt order, which is 1/5 of the speed of a manual screen-printer. This makes DTG Printing exceptionally disadvantageous to contend with screen printing.

→ Since it is more costly to print DTG Printing, it is smarter to close 50 little orders with custom artwork as opposed to 5 enormous orders with simple designs.

Labor Cost

(DTG Printing)

Regardless of whether you are a one-individual business, you actually need to figure your labor cost to improve thought on the amount of profit you can produce. 

Sales Time – the time you spend on finding your customers is a labor cost. For instance, would they say they are walk-in customers, or did you meet them at a networking occasion? Did you go through a day on outbound calls before you tracked down this one customer? 

Accounting Time – how long did you spend on making a statement/proposal, calling sellers about your order, making your receipt? 

Transportation and Handling – packing and delivery are essential parts of handling expenses. Is it true that you are utilizing branded boxes? Mailing labels? How might you deliver your orders? 

Numerous seemingly insignificant details go into handling a business order. Is it actually going to be profitable for you? Indeed, it in all likelihood is, yet you need to do a sensible appraisal of the labor costs involved.


In case you're searching for a simple method to effectively develop your business, on-demand DTG Printing is your smartest option. With this printing strategy, it's not difficult to acquaint new plans with your store hazard-free, and you don't need to stress over keeping stock or delivering the things yourself. 

Using Kingify (DTG Printing print suppliers) gives you more opportunity to explore different avenues regarding your item offering and promoting, where you can draw out the eco-accommodating characteristics of DTG Printing printing.

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