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Optimizing Order Fulfillment Process in 5 Basic Steps

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Optimizing Order Fulfillment Process in 5 Basic Steps

When it comes to factors for e-commerce’s success, we can not ignore order fulfillment. This part has substantial effects on product quality, shipping services, and in the end, customers’ satisfaction. 

Some big companies such as Amazon have outstanding services of delivery, which make people have high expectations of shipping time and quality. And actually, shipping is a key (driver or killer) for sales nowadays. 

So, in this article, we will explain five ways to optimize fulfillment, which then increases your customer satisfaction. Let’s find out what they are!

Optimizing Order Fulfillment Process in 3 Steps (Source: Primaseller)

Pick order fulfillment companies near your customers’ location

Some companies prefer to have fulfillment providers in their areas rather than near customers’ locations. The reason may be that they want to regularly have a visit to the fulfillment center and keep control of the operation for their orders. However, it turns out not to be the most effective way. 

Actually, to ensure quick and cost-effective shipping, having one or multiple warehouses (if possible) that have geographical proximity to the customers is a key. Therefore, e-commerce store owners should spend time looking for logistics partners who have fulfillment centers near important targeted markets so that the orders can be shipped to them in a fast and effective way. 

In addition, Covid-19 has made cross-border shipping become more and more difficult. Therefore, many e-commerce companies need to change their order fulfillment partners and choose ones near end customers. And in the future, this approach should still be kept. By doing so, the vulnerability of being affected by border closings or similar issues will be reduced. Additionally, delivery to different target markets is faster, cheaper, and more effective overall.

Pick order fulfillment companies near your customers’ location (Source: Boxme Global)

Automate the Order Fulfillment Process

One key for fast delivery to our end customers is applying an automatic order fulfillment process. 

In fact, online shoppers always appreciate that parcels are delivered as quickly as possible. Though it seems that to match Amazon’s speed and efficiency of shipping is an extremely hard task, you still have some ways to improve your shipping quality and satisfy your customers. One of them is automating fulfillment processes. 

In general, every fulfillment process comprises receiving orders, processing, packing, shipping an online order, and also return management.

So, the first thing that you need to do is to select one among many online shop systems and e-commerce platforms such as Viemart. They help e-commerce store owners to set up and manage their stores. Then, they offer various apps and integrations so that online merchants can automate and optimize the process of order fulfillment.

Besides e-commerce platforms like Viemart, there are some order fulfillment companies that allow automatic delivery of order information from stores on e-commerce platforms to fulfillment providers such as Kingify.  

By connecting Kingify with your stores, all information of orders made on your online store will be automatically and simultaneously transferred to the warehouse. In addition, when customers get order confirmations, they can also track their parcels and know where they are.

In short, you can automize your order fulfillment process by integrating your online store with a shop system and linking it with your fulfillment partner. Then, your shipping process will significantly become faster and in turn, your customers’ high expectations will be met. 

Automate the Order Fulfillment Process (Source: Omisell)

Invest in Packaging in Order Fulfillment as a Powerful Branding Tool

Packaging is also an important part that contributes to your e-commerce store’s success. Why? There are 2 main reasons. Firstly, the proper packaging help to make sure that the products are delivered to customers without any damages such as breakage or water damage. Secondly, during fulfillment, we can pay attention to the product packaging and use them as a powerful branding tool.

The very first thing that can impress your customers when they receive their orders is a package. In fact, 52% of the customers who receive their orders in a customized packages share that they are more likely to make another purchase at that store in the future. Hence, don’t let the opportunities to promote your brand and build up brand loyalty slip through your fingers.

Also, using environmentally-friendly packaging also a good option in order fulfillment. More and more are concerned about the environment and a product with such package will definitely have good impressions on them and convey your brands’ values well. 

 Invest in Packaging in Order Fulfillment as a Powerful Branding Tool (Source: Packhelp)

Increase Accuracy in Determining Seasonal Sales to Optimize Order Fulfillment Process

The next thing that you need to pay attention to is to analyze consumer-based orders. Then, you will be able to know which products they prefer at what point of the year.

There are several steps that you need to do when analyzing seasonal sales: 

  • Identify how product demands change in seasons 
  • Know when and which product demand is at peak
  • Accurately forecast the difference in sizes of peaks and normal demand
  • Understand the level of variations with those forecasted peaks

After you have finished the analysis process, you will have an overview of product volume and peak seasons, which then help you better your fulfillment process. 


Increase Accuracy in Determining Seasonal Sales to Optimize Order Fulfillment Process 

(Source: Marketing land)

Choose the Order Fulfillment Providers Allowing Simple Returns and Changes

Sometimes, your customers may change their minds and want to change some order information after they purchase. If you allow them to change the order of returns, they will be happy, and the next time, when they want to buy something, they are more likely to choose your online stores. Therefore, flexibility in edits and returns should be considered when you choose your order fulfillment partners.  


In short, there are several ways that can help you to optimize your order fulfillment process. Try them and come back to this post to share how your fulfillment process has changed after you apply these tips!


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