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How to Use Pinterest for Online T-shirt business ?

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How to Use Pinterest for Online T-shirt business ?

Not only is it one of the famous social networks, but Pinterest is also a visual search engine and productivity tool. So how can Pinterest be used with your online T-shirt business? Let's find out now.

Are you really getting the most out of Pinterest's marketing strategy?

With more than 367 million people searching and sharing inspiration per month, Pinterest is a goldmine social media platform for businesses. Like other social media, Pinterest is the place to connect with friends and influencers. But more than that, it can also function as an intuitive search engine and a bookmarking tool that allows users to find inspiration for their wardrobes, event, and vacation.

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Pinterest is a goldmine social media platform for T-shirt business

Why use Pinterest for your T-shirt business?

Pinterest the 4th most popular platform in the US ahead of Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn

Let's take a look at some of the reasons you should be marketing on Pinterest:

Pinterest is popular 

It's the 4th most popular platform in the US ahead of Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. According to data from Pinterest, about 28% of adults in the US have a Pinterest account, and one every two millennials join the platform.

Many people using it 

Since last year, the platform has recorded up to 335 million users per month.

Active and Interactive users 

Every month, Pinterest receives nearly 2 billion searches and more than 70% of users search and save Pins.

It has a visual search engine 

Pinterest is the only social media platform that offers visual search. This tool is really useful because the younger generation always wants to be able to search with images. According to the company, it is now possible to identify more than 2.5 billion house and fashion items through Pinterest Lens

Pinterest inspires users 

People use Pinterest for ideas search and event planning. Up to 95% of members said they were inspired by Pinterest and about 91% said they achieved their goals thanks to this platform.

And for store owners, there are specific reasons why you should use Pinterest for business:

Why you should use Pinterest for business?

Users use Pinterest to shop

According to a recent study, 84% of people use Pinterest weekly to help decide what to buy and 83% have purchased based on what they see from brands on Pinterest.

Pins enhances brand awareness

In fact, over 75% of Pinners love to discover new products and brands every week through Pinterest.

Pinterest content is visual

Pinterest is the perfect place for people who want to use aesthetically pleasing images to market their products. Whether it’s clothes, cooking recipes, or DIY tutorials, the visually appealing content attracts Pinterest users.

Users use Pinterest to shop

Pinterest is famous for women - especially mothers

More than two-thirds of Pinterest users are women. In the US, 8 out of 10 móm use the platform. So if your target audience is women, this is the place to go.

Advertise on Pinterest

More than 50% of users on Pinterest buy a product after seeing a promoted Pin. Seamlessly integrated into user feeds, advertising on this platform makes users feel less annoyed.

How to set up your T-shirt business Profile on Pinterest

Before you use Pinterest to market your T-shirt business online, you'll need to set up a business account. We'll show you how to get started from scratch to create Pinterest Business and give you more ways to get people to shop from your channel.

Set up your Business Profile on Pinterest

You can create a Pinterest Business account in three ways:

  • Add a business profile to your personal account
  • Convert your personal account
  • Create a new T-shirt business account

Since the steps are mostly the same, we'll start as follows:

  • In the top right, click on your profile and select create a T-shirt business account
  • Fill in your store's name and add a profile photo in the pop-up
  • Make sure that your profile picture is something that represents your brand, like your logo
  • On the next page, choose your business's category, like "Fashion" or "Home". Then select “Online Retail” or “Marketplace” to add your brand description. Click “Next”
  • Next, they will suggest if you want to run ads on Pinterest. There is a choice whether you want it or you are not ready.
  • Then click where you want to start. Build your profile by creating pins, sharing ideas, showcase your brand, or running ads to increase your audience

Finish building your profile by creating pins:

  • Choose a language, location and add a link to your T-shirt business website.
  • Add a description of your store
  • Add keywords to increase your search visibility without paying a fee. You'll want to do research before filling in these keywords.
  • Go to the “Claim” page and connect with other platforms like Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube. This means Pinterest can spread your content across multiple platforms and reach more people.
  • Add a meta tag or upload an HTML file to your website's HTML code to claim your site is on the same page. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor your website analytics. By connecting your Pinterest account to your store, you can add a hovering “Pin It” button to any image on your site using Pinterest directly.

So you learned how to start marketing your online business on Pinterest. Let’s get Pinning!


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