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How to Preserve Printed Shirts in Perfect Ways - Tips

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How to Preserve Printed Shirts in Perfect Ways - Tips

Just like any other garment, printed shirts need to be correctly preserved to keep their charm and look good over time. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to wash or simply wash their shirts without any caution. This will prevent their shirts from being in great condition, and you will need to buy new ones really soon. That sounds bad, right? 

So, we have collected some perfect washing methods to keep your shirts in good condition. After reading this post, we are sure that you will know how to wash your shirts really well. Let's get started!

1. Always, always turn the printed shirts inside out when washing

Rule number 1: you need to make sure that you turn your shirts inside out before washing them. I am sure that many people ignore this point, but this rule turns out to be very important. 

When you turn your shirts inside out, you can preserve them and at the same time, get them nicely washed and cleaned. Why? The reason is simple. It prevents the printed images from getting too much agitation from the washer. If these images receive agitation a lot, they will likely be cracked, which makes you put your shirts on the bottom of the wardrobe and never wear them again. 

2. Don't wash the printed shirts at hot temperature

You can see washing instructions in shirts' labels to know whether you can wash them in warm water or not. However, even if you can, we recommend you to wash all shirts on cool and only on warm water if it is extremely necessary. The plastic-type property of the silk designs in cotton shirts is susceptible to warm water. As a result, they will likely bubble, crack and peel if you wash them in warm or hot water. 

3. Wash the printed shirts on the delicate cycle and with a soft, but effective detergent

We should avoid washing printed shirts on agitation cycle as they will be cracked and worn out really soon. Instead, it would be best if you wash them on a delicate cycle. You also need to use soft but effective detergent to wash them. By doing this, you can extend the shirt's life and keep them in good condition after many washes.

4. Use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing printed shirts

Both fabric softener or dryer sheets have a coating from mixed chemical compounds, which helps remove static from your printed shirts and make them softer. They do this by leaving a protective coat (just like a static guard) on your shirts. So, if you use them when washing your garments, you can prevent them from wrinkles.

5. Don't overload the washing machine with dozens of printed shirts

We sometimes overload our washing machines, and we all have reasons for this. Maybe we have little time and need to wash a lot of clothes, or we think that just a few times of overloading the machines is still okay. Whatever our reasons are, this stuff really damages our washing machine and our clothes, including your printed shirts. 

So, it is time for you to forget about overloading your washing machines with lots of printed shirts. Instead, just put an adequate number of garments in your mashing machines to make sure that they are in good condition after washing.

6. Fold your printed shirts after washing

Unlike hanging or bunching your shirts, folding can help to extend their lifespan. Folding also helps prevent tugging and pulling at the seams or fraying of edges. Therefore, after your garments get dry, we recommend you fold them to help them last longer. 

We have just shared with you six tips to preserve your printed shirts in perfect ways. If you apply them, we are sure that you can extend the lifespan of your clothes and have them in good condition even after many washes. Let's follow them and share with us how effectively they work with your clothes!


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