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Hiring a designer for the best T-shirt design ideas

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Hiring a designer for the best T-shirt design ideas

If you do not know how to find your best-fit T-shirt designer for the best T-shirt design ideas, this post is absolutely for you. After reading this post, you will know what you need to consider to get a designer for your POD business.

One of the essential factors for a successful POD business is to have outstanding T-shirt design ideas. 

However, I know that not all of us have a graphic design background so we need to find the best-fit T-shirt designer to capture the public’s imagination. 

In fact, finding work may be difficult, but once you can find the most suitable designers, your POD business comes closer to success. 

So, the questions are: How can we find good T-shirt designers? What do we need to consider before we start to find? 

Kingify has the answers.

Our extensive insider’s guide to hiring a T-shirt designer will help you get the headaches away entirely and show you the ropes of the process, inside and out.

After this post, you can:

  1. Decide what designs and sort of designer to pursue.
  2. Understand the pros and cons among in-house T-shirt graphic designers, freelancers, and design agencies to choose from.

Let’s start!

1. What kind of T-shirt design ideas do you desire when you hire a T-shirt designer?

Designers, just like marketers and salespeople, specialize in certain areas.

For instance, a talented logo designer might not know much about packaging design and a seasoned illustrator is not necessarily skilled in web design. In other words, graphic design is a vast creative area and you need to understand the way this industry operates before setting out to hire a T-shirt designer.

So, clarify what you really want for your T-shirt design ideas before you search for the designers and pick your favorite. 

One of the fastest ways is to look at the data. In this way, you can figure out what type of designers would create trendy products and help your business grow.

Analyzing your current trend sales will give you a clear view and understanding of your client's tastes – which design styles and ideas grab clients’ attention and which designs have failed to catch fire.

If you haven’t started your own POD business, it is impossible to have the data collected from your clients. No worries, there are still tons of research avenues available for you. 

You can check the top trending and best-selling custom shirt ideas on web stores such as Viemart or Amazon. Just make sure that you check ones that operate in a similar niche as well as familiarize yourself with trends on sites. 

Besides, famous social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest can be hugely helpful in figuring out what kinds of T-shirt designs people are willing to pay for and happy to wear. 

2. What is the look and feel that you’re seeking in your T-shirt design ideas?

Think about the final look and feel that you want your products to have. Though a talented T-shirt designer is versatile and has abilities to work in different styles, it’s always best to look for someone whose works are consistent. If they are naturally attracted to the same visual aesthetics as you, it will be easy to communicate and express your T-shirt design ideas.

3. What type of T-shirt designer are you looking for?

After having answers to the 2 above questions, you will have a general view of the arts and skills that the ideal hire would have.

So now, let’s come to the next thing to consider: working arrangement.

Do you want someone in-house, a freelancer, or perhaps, a design agency?

In-house T-shirt graphic designers

😃 Pros

  • An in-house T-shirt designer knows your brand’s identity and sticks to it in all their works.
  • They will be available for you only. So, whenever you come up with your T-shirt design ideas, you can discuss them right away and have your ideas turned into designs. 
  • These people will be focusing on your brand only.

😐 Cons

  • You can not expect your in-house T-shirt designer to do all types of design work. You may need to search for extra help for niche projects.
  • They have fixed working hours and a set capacity. 

A freelance graphic designer 

😃 Pros

  • A freelance T-shirt designer tends to have deep expertise in a chosen niche such as T-shirt graphic design.
  • You can save a lot of money as they can be hired on a project or hourly basis. 
  • They can work remotely.

😐 Cons

  • They do not understand well about your brand’s identity and you may take time to explain to each of the freelancers that you hire. 
  • There is a pool of freelancers out there with various skills and abilities so finding a top-class freelancer will require time and effort.

The design agency

😃 Pros

  • It’s a team of skilled professionals. They specialize in a wide range of design areas so they can work on diverse projects.
  • They are efficient and deliver on time as they charge per hour or by project
  • You can check for feedback and comments about the agency before you decide to work with them. 

😐 Cons

  • Agencies are expensive.
  • They put the priority based on the project and revenue volume. So, if you’re a small business and do not have big projects, you may not be their top priority. 
  • Your request for design is taken care of by the sales team before it is forwarded to creatives. So, there may be misunderstandings during the process. 

Consider your timeframe, budget, and creative expectations when you search for an ideal T-shirt designer. And keep in mind that every option has both pros and cons that you will need to deal with.

Afterward, you can move to the next step - Go to creative designer pools and pick the T-shirt design ideas you’re interested in. If you do not know where to go, our next post gives you some suggestions.


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