Affiliate: FAQs


Why am I not seeing a commission?

The most common reason why you don’t see a commission is because you don’t get credited for sample orders made by affiliated customers. Also, commissions are credited after the order is fully shipped, not right after the sale.

My customer didn’t sign up using my affiliate link. Can I link this user to my account?

If the customer signed up on Printful within the last 30 days, you can claim this user by e-mailing us at If you successfully verify the requested information, we’ll link this user to your affiliate account. Please include the following information in the email:

  • Customer's full name and email address
  • Store name and URL (if exists)
  • A proof of any correspondence between you and customer (screenshot of a Facebook chat, Gmail, Outlook etc. conversation)

Do refunds affect my commissions?

Commissions are calculated “on the fly”, based on the current situation, which can change. If the order you received the commission from gets refunded, we will also subtract your commission.

Are there orders I don’t get credited for?

You don’t get credited for sample orders. You also don’t receive a commission for orders submitted on the Inktale marketplace.

Is there a minimum for payout?

You can request payout when you have at least $25 in commissions. Payments will be delivered to you via PayPal in USD. Every payment is reviewed and processed manually. Usually, it takes 1-3 business days to receive payments.

What if a customer doesn’t sign up right after opening the affiliate link (cookie policy)?

When someone opens an affiliate link in their browser, the cookie file is saved in their browser’s cache with a lifetime of 30 days. If the customer signs up during this timeframe, the user will be linked with your account.

Can I create an affiliate link for any Kingify URL?

You can share any Printful link and track your sign-ups by adding “/a/affiliate ID” at the end of the link. For example “ ID” will redirect users to our Products and Pricing page. Deep linking currently doesn’t work for our blog articles.

How are commissions calculated?

You receive 10% of our fulfillment price. If the order includes taxes, these are excluded from the calculations, but discounts are included. For example, let's say an affiliated customer’s order came in with the following breakdown:

SUBTOTAL: $15.00

DISCOUNT: -$3.00


TAX: $3.10

TOTAL: $20.10

In this example, your commission would be 10% of $12.

Are there any restricted promotion methods for Affiliates?

Please review our advertising guidelines for more information.


Why am I required to submit a tax form?

It is required by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that Printful, Inc. reports the income paid to our independent contractors, including members of our affiliate program. Note that we will provide information only about members of the Printful affiliate program whose earnings reach the minimum threshold of USD 600 per year (this amount doesn’t include any other source of income - it only pertains to the money paid by the Printful affiliate program).

What form do I have to fill out? What will you do with the data?

US residents have to fill out Form W9, click here for an example. Non-US residents must provide the following forms:

W-8BEN for individuals, click here for an example

W-8BEN-E for enterprises, click here for an example.

You have to fill out the appropriate form, print it, sign it, scan it, and submit it to Printful. At the end of the year, Printful will report all sales made by Printful affiliates who have reached the annual threshold in Form 1099 and submit it to the IRS.

These forms won’t be sent to the IRS, Printful will use them for the following:

  • To collect information about our affiliate: name, business name (if different), type of business, address, ID number of taxpayer
  • To help affiliates avoid backup withholding (see question 4)
  • To use the submitted information to fill out Form 1099 and report your earnings to the IRS

Information for individuals: By the end of January, Printful is sending you the completed Form 1099, and a copy is also being sent to the IRS. As you are required by law to file Form 1099 as well, you will need this form for tax season.

Where can I fill out my tax form?

You can fill out the form in your Affiliate Dashboard under Tax & Legal. You’ll be provided the correct form to be filled out based on your citizenship and employment status. Fill out the form, print it, scan it, and upload it to the Tax & Legal section. After you’ve submitted the form, it’ll take us 3 business days to verify it. Once its verified, you’ll see a verification sign next the submitted form.

What is backup withholding?

Backup withholding is a means that allows the IRS to withhold taxes from a person who fails to provide a correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) or Social Security number (SSN) and who is not taxpayer. If you as a taxpayer provide the necessary data and it matches the IRS data, backup withholding is nothing to be worried about.

In cases where a Printful affiliate can’t provide correct taxpayer identification, it is our obligation to withhold the federal income tax (at a flat rate of 24% for US residents and 30% for non-US residents) from your affiliate earnings and remit them to the IRS. By doing so, we are taking on our tax compliance responsibilities with greater care and improving our overall tax administration.

More information on backup withholding available here.

Additional Form 590 (for services provided in California only)

If you are a resident of California and provide your services there, you must also fill out Form 590, the Withholding Exemption Certificate. The purpose of this form is to certify your exemption from the California Franchise Tax.

If you aren’t exempt from the California Franchise Tax and your Printful affiliate earnings reach a threshold of USD 1500 per year, we will withhold the tax from your payments: 7% for US citizens, 12,3% for non-US citizens.

You can fill out Form 590 in your Affiliate Dashboard under Tax & Legal. You’ll be asked to fill out the form if you provide services in California. Print out the form, fill it out, scan it, and upload it to the Tax & Legal section. After you’ve submitted the form, it’ll take us 3 business days to verify it. Once its verified, you’ll see a verification sign next the submitted form.

How often should I update my information?

It’s your obligation to update your tax forms as soon as any of your tax information has changed.